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Welcome to my the Character Analysis Zone!

These will probably include little parts of fanfictions because thats how you can best convey things sometimes.

Bakugo (BNHA)

so first things first: this is an all might, dekubaku, and the hero industry hate account

but. i think bakugo has a lot of like. internal flaws he never had to work out. he had kids that he believed were his friends (i feel like they just. sat near each other a lot. u know how middle school be. ). He never realised that they were really just hanger ons, yes men to this smart kid in hopes that some of his goodness would rub off on them.

i think he was really talented as a kid, but like. in the sense of his parents wanted him to do school good and instilled healthy habits in him (like "ok bakugo, when this egg timer goes off its time for dinner, then afterwards you can wrap up anything youre in the middle of. but you arent staying up late.") and i dont think his mom is mean just like. abrasive. She really cares about her kid in an aggressive way, and made sure he had a lot of agency. Mitsuki Bakugo is a model, shes seen a lot of girls get chewed up by the industry because they need the money so they say yes, they work with the shitty designers that will berate you. Mitsuki knows this isnt an issue unique to her world, and she'll be damned if her kid falls into it.

But doing good in middle school/being encouraged/honest to god i think aldera (bakugo/izukus middle school) wanted to have higher rankings/might have sent his stuff to recruiters? wouldnt be surprised. so you have this kid being told hes going to do great things his whole life, he does what everyone tells him to do to be great then.

he gets into UA.

and its a different ball game.

the teachers, tbh, dont give a shit about him. (I do think Aizawa is a mediocre teacher for the most part. and Allmight is a bad teacher.) like hes not receiving any special attention, and he sees Izuku getting a lot of it from All Might? someone he really admires?

and the thing with Izuku? i dont think Bakugo was his only bully at first. and i do think a lot of it comes with Bakugo's inferiority/Superiority combo complex. I think the fact that Izuku kept treating him as an equal despite the fact that all the adults at school saw Izuku as lesser and like to a certain degree? i bet Mitsuki and Masaru (bakugo's parents) probably were like. "Well poor inko, hm." Like its stuff he just heard around him and kinda internalised. Bakugo wanted praise at any cost, and hes an observant kid. so when other people berated Izuku, and saw him as lesser. well Bakugo was just going with the crowd.

and he wants to be the best, because his parents are the best. and everyones telling him how to be the best/that he can be the best. so if i were bakugo? yeah id be pissed getting into UA then feeling like im being discarded. like wow ive met my Idol but he cares about this kid that everyones told me is lesser? shit sucks. And this isnt even to go into the problems i see in Izuku and All Mights relationship.

Bakugo is going to have a lot to unpack in his life, and he only gets so far in Hound Dog's therapy lessons. I think a lot of it is him having to actively unpack stuff, to consiously remember that Izuku's successes arent a detriment to himself. That quirkless people arent nobodies, that his friends who struggle academically arent inferior to him.

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