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Welcome to my Website! 👆

Time until Job Starts

I dont know what im going to use this website for other than. everything. I bougt a notebook to write stuff down in but i might put everything here! My Archive of our own. Thats really the only social media that matters

And: My artfight! happy july!.

I'm Excited to have my own website. its going to be bold and fancy.

Here's my current team in Sacred Gold

a screen grab from pokemon sacred gold.

Ya this game took me a while haha. But I also wanted to make sure the pokedex was as complete as it could be when I finished, which was fun. I want to do like, IV breeding later.

Here's a list of my interests:

I will be learning more about HTML/CSS, have fun watching my journey.

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!