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Disability Visibility (17 First-Person Stories for today (Adapted for young adults)

Edited by Alice Wong

This book was really good, it was a collection of writings by disabled authors. Its nice to hear their voice, Its not a voice we see or hear often, as is why the book was collected. Its a very easy read, the sections are short, and it doesnt challenge the reader as much as it asks you to step outside yourself and consider others lived experiences. I'm going to write specifically about a few sections, but I do think this is a very good read. Theyre very human struggles, and thoughts. 5/5 stars.

There is a mathmatical equation to prove im ugly

Ariel Henley

Ariel Henley has Crouzon syndrome, resulting in facial disfigurment. This passage talks about her struggles with beauty from a young age, as she went in for frequent surgeries to adjust her bones, which fused prematurely. When she was young, a french magasine compared her face to picasso, which had a deep effect on her. Her memoir is titled A Face for Picasso.

I found her section moving because it shows how her disability compounds with the issues with beauty that most young women face. She had to move past this in a way that is unique to her, her lesson of self love is more difficult as she chafes against beauty standards.

The fearless Benjamin Lay:Activist, Abolitionist, Dwarf Person

Eugene Grant

This section disusses Benjamin Lay, a historical figure with dwarfism. Its interesting because many historical figures are left out of history, especially those with disabilities. Theyre seen as unsightly, even through the historical lens, which leaves many people who share these conditions without evidence that they existed in history. We see historical queer figures pushed down in similar ways, their gayness, their transness hidden from present day view. Benjamin Lay should have a section in the history books.

Final Thoughts

This was a good book. it was a short read, I couldve gotten through it in an afternoon, but the section that is a podcast segment tripped me up. Its beautiful, and unapologetic. I deeply enjoyed it. 5/5 stars.

Super Late Bloomer:my early days in transition : an up and out collection

By Julia Kaye

I LOVE a comics diary. I feel like its such a good way to convey feelings/emotions, especially where the written word may fail you. I've been following Kaye on social media for years now, merely glimpsing the comics that she so kindly posts for free. Her connection to her womanhood is conveyed by how feminine versus masculine she draws herself, giving the reader a glimpse into the inner workings of her disphoria.

Disphoria and how it affects oneself is often a deeply personal topic for many trans people. Kaye gives us her very personal feelings day by day, culminating in her name change slash professional coming out. There are funny ones in there too, and heartfelt ones. Kayes artstyle is simple, yet full of emotion. Her struggles are ones I can relate to. 5/5 stars.

Chilling Effect

By Valerie Valdes

Oh my god this was such a fun read. Its the first Adult Fiction book i've ever picked up, and while i am very familiar with YA novels, this was a very good jump into Adult Fiction. The sex that happens in the book is a tasteful fade to black, with some humour in it. this book is very engaging, I chewed through over 400 pages in mere days. I LOVE sci fi, theres so many more aliens in this than humans, and Valdes does such a good job of making them all unique. Every character is fully fleshed out, and even ones introduced later in the book get time to shine.

I would SUPER recommend this book, I already have in like, all the discords im in. Its that good. I would, and likely will reread it. Its definitely a complete story, but now that I know its a SERIES??? with the third book coming out in AUGUST?? Hell yeah im going to read it! A lot of the spanish sections I didnt understand, but I understood like. the vibes? the jist of it? I took french, not spanish in high school. But it is nice that, despite being a space captain, Eva Innocente (The main character) Is stil a Cuban-Latina woman. 5/5!

This Book is Anti Racist

by Tiffany Jewell and illustrated by Aurelia Durand

This book is a quick read. It has 20 lessons on how to be anti racist, its targeted towards young adults, and feels more oriented towards BIPOC youths. Its a good introduction to racism as an systemic issue, rather than something that only mean people are. anyone can be racist, or hold racist prejudices. I found it helpful, however I likely wouldve found it more helpful if i was still in high school.

My complete thoughts while reading. I overall did enjoy it, the illustrations are great. 5/5

My Life in Transition: a super late bloomer collection

By Julia Kaye

This one focuses more on what comes next it feels like. like yah shes trans, but shes still experiencing things like finding a new relationship, and feelings, and being a woman! I really liked it, but as i said previously i just like comics diaries in general. Its nice seeing her day by day, a big like. yah it does get better, you can be out and happy, not everything revolves around your transness. I enjoyed it. 5/5 stars

Solutions and other problems

By Allie Brosh

Ive been following Allie Brosh for so long now. I was a fan of her blog Hyperbole and a Half, and its a little bit why i made this blog. I own her first book, titled Hyperbole and a half, and after it was released it felt like she just vanished from the internet. but no, she was writing this! its a heavily image based memoir, at my library it was listed under graphic novel and biography.

Its a good book! very relaxed read, i found myself whipping through it. the pictures are very narratively solid, and while there is tragedy in the book its told in a very relatable way. It doesnt go deep into her divorce, which surprised me to hear about, focusing more on Brosh's life stories. I really enjoyed it. 5/5

Funny in Farsi (A Memoir of growing up iranian in america)

By Firoozeh Dumas

I liked this! i will say, its a good bathroom book or a coffee table book rather than something that id really marathon read. This was my return to reading after a while of. not reading. and it was good for that! its little short stories from her life. it isnt a monumental book that changed my life, but it was a good read. id give this to an aunt who you dont really know that well. it has wide appeal. Id read sections from it again probably.

It is very funny, in the same way that youd tell a story about your parents that isnt the most flattering but is VERY funny. There was also an interveiw with the author at the end of the book, and shes very well spoken. The culture differences you pick up from reading are very interesting, and the monumental change of the Iranian revolution somehow doesnt impact the story too much, just appearing in a few stories towards the end, which is interesting. I liked it! 5/5

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