July 8th 2022

Today I Beat sonic adventure 2 battle. And by beat I mean the main story, all 3 routes. and oh my god did the biolizard kick my butt. like I am an adult and I lost at least 12 times. It was ridiculous. But, now i can hop around as I please, or play different games. I think I'm going to beat hades next. It really made me think about accessibility in games, and how far we've come. Because while sonice 2 is challenging for. non video game related reasons. (it handles really bad, its a little better on my steam deck than on the computer with an xbox controller but still. Not great.). But Hades has god mode, which makes you more resistant to attacks, but its also still a rogue like, where I have to keep pushing through and trying my best. But sonic adventure 2 battle, the best they do is let you restart at the boss rather than go through the whole stage. And it didnt even tell me I needed the knuckles underwater breathing power up, or that it was a thing. I had to look it up because I learned about the mystic melody powerup because I stumbled into it as shadow. and oh my god that level sucked.

The Biolizard from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. a brownish red lizard with 2 pipes coming out of its mouth, and a platform on its back.

definitely part of it is I'm just not great at video games. I never have been never will be. I have a lot of games on my to be gamed list, because I want to finish a bunch before I start my job. I just finished brilliant diamond's story and sinnoh pokedex, and then I was really into it and wanted to do IV breeding for the battle tower. It still sounds fun, but I have other games too. I just bought spongebob rehydrated, but I want to play the spongebob squarepants the movie the video game way more. why do i do this to myself lol.

I didnt drink enough water today, or get enough sunshine. tomorrow I'll do better. 😄 All I can do yanno. And I want to finish Disability Visability 17 First-Person Stories for Today so I can get to the fiction book I picked up at the library. Its cool and spacey.

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