July 27th, 2022

today was blah. got super bored towards the end of work and like. kinda in the dumps bc i did some goofs. but i am getting better at the work. i hope tomorrows better. not too much to report today tbh. uhhh got a new phone and its chugging along setting up for the past like hour which sucks. AND i forgot my airpods so i didnt listen to ANYTHING at work.

in not debbie downer news...

My lunch was really good! it was curry. it was good! and I know more about the systems at work. and i know where to get plastic cutlery if i need it. and i LOVE the guy who didnt like musicals i think its really good. i listened to it on the drive home.

i hate all the construction that no one knows how to deal with and how blah the highways are. ough.

Mood: 3.5/10

Song of the day: Let it out - The guy who didnt like musicals

dont take the song of the day seriously its just like. a song i like that i listened to.

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