July 26th, 2022

today was fine. finished job training, did some on the job training which was better but like. kinda overwhelming. I hope i retain enough.

oh my god driving home though. actual hell. theres construction in like 3 seperate spots before i get on the highway. and the worst part is its only like 1 exit up from where public transit starts so i cant even commute that way since its just not worth it to pay for parking and the ticket for like 3 stops. at least the car im driving doesnt use a lot of gas but still ough. and i forgot my coffee this morning, and drank it in the evening and it destroyed my stomache.

roast beef sandwhich and snacks for lunch, my partner made cookies and gave me some too which was nice. pasta dinner was kinda blah, i was hungry but it wasnt like. appetising. shit sucks sometimes. I hope tomorrows better..

Oh. also i watched the simpsons go to boston, the elon musk, and the lisa computer ai episodes of simpsons. boston - 8/10 elon musk - 2/10 (fuck elon musk) and lisa computer 5/10

Mood: 5/10

Song of the day: Brother by Madds Buckley

dont take the song of the day seriously its just like. a song i like that i listened to.

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