July 25th, 2022

Yesterday I really just went shopping for dress shoes, it was a good ol lazy sunday. I made my first lunch, laid out my outfit, went to bed at like. 8:30. fitbit says i was asleep at 9:04 so like cant complain. I woke up a lot in the night because I was anxious about starting my job.

But i did start today! the morning kinda was blah, I was told to report to their main building, but no one knew the guy I was asking for. eventually someone pointed me in the direction of the other building and I made it to training which was. blah. learned all about the history of the company and the field and the products. when I eventually got to my desk Im not actually set up for anything yet which sucks, so I couldnt like. do anything. I got to leave a little early which was nice. driving was driving, so. boring.

Uhh. had chicken parm for dinner, now im going to play some pokemon. tomorrow is more training then some actual job training.

Mood: 6/10 but in a good way.

Song of the day: Have you seen my sister evelyn? by Evelyn Evelyn

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