July 23rd, 2022

HMm. So. the 21st, and 22nd. I didnt do much! on thursday i really just bummed around, lounged even. i might have played pokemon who knows.

on friday, I went for a walk. Then went out to old navy with my brother and father, got a few business casual garments. im not in love with the red shirt i bought, im hoping i grow to like it. or ill ask my dad for the recipt, who knows. then we got fro yo, then went to the grocery store. not super exciting, but all things i like enough.

today was fine. I went to kohls by myself and was there for like, two hours, which was miserable, but i have 2 more pairs of pants. so now i have three business casual pairs of pants. i also got 2 more shirts. i might try and build a capsule wardrobe for work, where you dont have a lot but its very mix and matchy. it seems like a nice thing to do lol. then i went to the same fro yo place and got fro yo.

I havent really been in the mood to read which is a bummer, but like. i dont want to say who cares because i cares but still. i also still need to review those books i finished on the 20th. im nervous about starting work, but mostly nervous im not going to be well dressed. i still need some decent shoes.

Mood: 6/10 worse

Song of the day: SIX live on opening night.

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