July 19th, 2022

I am so tired lol. I wasnt going to make this blog post tonight then i was like "ugh i should."

my like, brain is tired. I went to breakfast with my brother, because we were going to the library and i didnt want to cook breakfast. we mainly talked about like, video games. then the library wasnt even open and it wasnt going to open til 1 so i was like. UGH fine. lets go to gamestop (my brother had a gift card) then UGH gamestop didnt open til 10. so we went and walked around target for like an hour. and then came back, still not 10. then we went to the dollar tree and he got some like, foam board and i got the razzleberry peace tea (i get it like every time i go to the dollar store i love it.). then its 10:07 and gamestops just not open. so we went to the dunkin next door with our t mobile tuesdays gift cards and just like, hang out there. then we got back at like 10:20 and the gamestops still not open! a tragedy.

we were going to go to old navy tonight, but my brother has a nighttime class, and my dad was worried about if we would get back in time. so instead me and my brother swung up to the library so i could pick up my books on hold, then to gamestop. we had a preorder on a like, unlisted game with 20 dollars on it that we just put towards pokemon scarlet violet..

i watched jurassic world: dominion today. its so long and like, for what. a very bland movie. i still think they shouldve killed the dinosaurs. The old lady from the first jurassic park movie aged like a fine wine. The black pilot lady was fine, the writing is just so bland. the lady in white kinda looked like awkwafina.

also i hate chris pratt.

I also read all of this book is anti racist and reviewed it AND took notes while i read. maybe thats why my brains so tired.

Mood: 6/10 soup brain.

Song of the day: blow my brains out (tikkle me)

dont take the song of the day seriously its just like. a song i like that i listened to.

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