July 18th, 2022

I just caught up to namesake and its soooo goood.

i went out like i said i was going to this morning, and it was nice. i walked around a bunch in town, but nothing was really open yet because it was early. i got a big ol free coffee from cafe nero, which was really good. id recommend it but it was like 6 bucks which ough. mind was free though. i saw some starbucks protestors, and a cute gal gave me a pin. im glad theyre unionising, give the power to the workers and all that.

I didnt play as much pokemon as i wish i did, because i was reading namesake lol. going to update the main page with my current party.

i watched jurassic park: fallen kingdom today. its dumb, the 'lets save the dinosaurs'! stuff is dumb. theyre an invasive species, let the volcano kill them. then the whole auctioneer stuff and the clone girl, ugh. those dinosaurs are going to destroy california.

also i hate chris pratt.

Mood: 7/10 feeling better.

Song of the day: sad (clap your hands).

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