July 14th, 2022

I started reading the memoir i picked up instead of the short book that i can probably finish in one day. Its called motherland, and i like how its laid out into short sections within kinda short chapters. its a really easy read which is nice. I read a bit outside in the morning, but its so hot and i dont do well in the heat.

I forgot to eat breakfast, so all i had until like. 12 was coffee, and i felt mad faint/dizzy. I cranked the AC and just puttered around til it got cool, then i was like. hold on i never ate breakfast. but we're in the part of the week where we've really eaten all the leftovers from the weekend/early in the week so i had a can of chef boyardee.

I really didnt do much today though! outside of reading, and playing some flightrising (my UN there is Neoo). it was a really nice and really chill day i guess. I watched a lot of tiktoks. I'm going to try and draw a tiktok screen grab that has a lot of vibes. Oh i did do some doodles, but nothing great. mainly talked with a buddy about their werewolf lady design and the flaws/successes. it had a lot of visual noise bc he drew the plaid in the same lineweight/opacity as everything else, which gave the top of the design a lot of visual clutter, and the hair was too normal to really be wild, but too wild to really be normal.

art block is a little better. im going out tomorrow which will be nice.

Mood: 5.5/10

Song of the day: Betty (get money) by yung gravy

youtube video of the day: eddy burbank goes through an emotional journey as he eats at every rainforest cafe in north america