July 13th, 2022

I drove myself to the doctors office this morning! it was an entirely new location and I had siri in the passenger seat talking to me. Which was stressful! In the past i've used windshield mounted GPS, but having to trust siri to give me directions when I needed them was stressful. My phone also got mad hot. I did overall enjoy the experience, I checked into the new doctors office, and was treated very kindly by the staff. My step mother works there, and she took my blood instead of me having to go up to their labs, which was SO sweet of her. I felt bad for tearing her away from her lunch.

I updated my book reviews page! i added 2 more reviews, and added in a directory side bar like is on my character analysis page. I worry that the reviews are lacking in material, but also. Theyre mostly for me to gush about how much i enjoyed a book/what I got out of it. I got three new books, and I think i'll finish the first one in one sitting, its small and very illustrative. I also need to update my blog archives organisation again, Which will be a little bit of a pain, but i think itll be better in the long run if everythings organised into its own folders.

I feel like i didnt do much in the afternoon. I watched the Thing (1982) with my partner. I dont think i'll do movie reviews here. It was good, a little gross. the influences from alien were really interesting, and the open to interpretation ending was also good. I like how many practical effects older movies used. I think I'll do a wikipedia article review for it, since ive seen the movie. I like doing the Wikipedia Discussions because it helps me further understand it, and i'm able to add in the like, tangents myself. So instead of going to the page about IO i can just describe why its not an Icy moon. I'll finish that page tomorrow I think.

Oh. I'm also kinda going through art block, which sucks. I drew an ok marinette bust and posted it onto the art page, but like. ough i dont want to draw anything, or if i do it just doesnt come out how i want it to. I eeked out some words for my Momochako fic, but not as many as I wouldve liked.

Mood: Hnnn. 6.5/10

Song of the day: Welcome to my planet by Pomplemousse

youtube video of the day: Sonic Adventure 2 taught him about death. 9/10 video

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