July 12th, 2022

I feel like i start all of these with like. oh i didnt do much then it turns out i did a bunch. so im going into this with no prelude. I tried on the shorts I bought a few days ago and they didnt fit. which is whatever, I can exchange them for like, a sweater or smth. I ordered some new shorts online that i hope fit me well, and a new t shirt with a pocket because i like a big t shirt with a pocket.

I cannot believe ive only had my website for like three days now. It feels like forever. god i want to comment on other peoples pages so bad. I am setting up a guestbook RIGHT now so i dont forget to and push it off for another day.

I went for a walk this morning with my partner, and i brought my water bottle which made the walk a little better, even though i hate carrying things. I finished rereading 20020, and i read more of Chilling Effect. Its getting really good, I really like it. This is the first day when i havent like, really worked on my website (i GUESS im setting up the guestbook but thats small potatoes u know.). Which is fine, tbh im not going to be able to work on it a lot later on when im working so. its nice to have a little diary ish thing though. Oh i also went to T-Mobile, they do T-Mobile tuesdays. I got a stupid cup, ill try and find a picture.

Mood: Kinda Blah, in a good way

Song of the day: Listen to your heart No by CheekFace

youtube video of the day: Learn about wordgirl

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