July 11th, 2022

Another Kinda blah day! Hmm. I cleaned up my website this morning a little, mostly just putting the blog archives in a folder and pre making like. two. who cares. I read a bunch more of Chilling Effect, Im kinda really into it. Still want to make a guestbook, im pushing that off onto tomorrow though. Tomorrow I just have to finish up a powerpoint. Oh, I book myself a doctors appt at a new,,,, place? office? they have multiple doctors there. but ts something ive been putting off, for a while. I'm glad i booked it.

I went out again! I had to do a return for my dad, so I went out, and I walked around the little plaza the kohls was in. I went in and out of a bunch of stores but didnt buy anything, then I went to the chain ice cream place and found out a SMALL cone is over five dollars! like no way, thats how much a fancy coffee costs. so I left and I went to Dunkin and got some drinks for tomorrow morning.

I know like, everyone and their dog knows that going out is good for your mental health, but god do i love being by myself and thinking my thoughts and wandering around a little plaza. I'm going to see about buying a big tub of lightner and a bottle of developer, it should be cheaper overall and less wastefull than those packages that come with like. four different bottles and a little thing of gloves and developer and all that. plus my roots are getting rough.

Mood: Good. I'm happy.

Song of the day: Robert Frost Mal Blum

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