July 10th, 2022

I didnt do much today! I finished disability visibility, made a review for it/a page for book reviews in general, I made a bunch of currently empty pages for this website. I figured out (kinda) how to make a three column page. I didnt work on my fanfictions but I cleaned up my bakugo analysis a little. I went out! which was really nice, I like driving and going and wandering somewhere. Even if the cookie place i was going to was closed (which sucked) and the fancy cafe that I was going to go to (since the cookie place was closed) was too complicated to order at. and the Panera was closed. but i got a frosty ccino from wendys for only a dollar? and it was a large? love a deal. I also got 2 pairs of shorts for 20 dollars, but I'm not sure if they fit me yet. thats tomorrows problem.

I also started reading Chilling Effect by Valerie Valdez, its really good so far. theres a lot of aliens in it which is really good, I feel like a lot of space books tend to have a lot of humans in it, which I dont love the most. Today was good overall I think. 7/10.

I really like working on this website. I cannot wait for my account to be a week old and to be able to comment on other peoples websites. I have so many design questions I want to ask people!! I might learn how to make a guestbook, it seems really cool.

Mood: Pretty good! I slept in more than I wouldve liked, But im more hydrated.

Song of the day: Gotta Move by Barbra Streisand.

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