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March 14th 2024

day 5!.

today i used blender OTL. shit sucked you can make body horror so quickly. BUT rewind. ok i went to work, my oats were mocha mint so good. loved it. and i CRUSHED my work it was great. lunch i did my usual ant under a magnifing glass except im the ant so i cooked. i crocheted (fun!!) i loved it. hurt my wrist but its always fun. got home from work and did some dishes while talking to my dad, hiro (cat) went after his jingle ball and i dug it out from under the couch. fine fun haha.

we did burgers for dinner with arbys curly fries which im not in love with but they were fine. i did a freezer inventory which like. i do recommend it really helps you know whats in the chest freezer, and we were due for a new one. we're low on like. meat to thaw so the boss is going to get more at the grocery tomorrow. i hung out with hiro more and chilled, then i finally sucked it up and went to use blender. and it sucked but i think i have a better idea of the pose i want to draw now thank god. thats for tomorrow tho.

i played some overwatch and got my dailys done, then i started my plague double dom attempt write up. just a lot of dates/record keeping for now, opinions are for tomorrow haha. and someone said theyed send me their thoughts so im happy about that!! yipee. and i played more pokeclicker haha. hoenn tomorrow i swear.

Song of the day: Problems by Mother Mother

Eating/Drinking?: finished the sprite :)

Watching? Tasty Japanese Trip Supercut

dont take the song of the day seriously its just like. a song i like that i listened to.