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September 24th 2022

uhhhh long time no see! i've been at work (duh.). things are going well, but im kinda wiped after the end of the day! i come home, have dinner, watch an episode of something, then i stream splatoon 2/3 for like an hour.

Honestly, its pretty fun! my work days are fine, its pretty relaxed and i like my cubicle a lot. and streaming at night is really fun, i LOVE splatoon. i played some battlefront 4 earlier, which was fine, kinda slow kinda stressful. i got wendys breakfast this morning which is always great. gonna probably pack some diy lunchables and salads for this upcoming weeks lunches since i have to make my own but like, no sweat, im an adult. i havent been reading a lot recently, but i did read some really good Fuyumi Todoroki centric fanfictions which was nice.

Mood: 8/10

Song of the day: Little shop of horrors 2019 cast recording

dont take the song of the day seriously its just like. a song i like that i listened to.

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